About  City Salvage Contractors


City Salvage Contractors began as a two man operation back in the 1980s recovering and selling salvaged materials from demolition projects, initially mainly bricks and timber.  This soon evolved in to employing staff and taking on demolition work  - with salvage recovery still the main focus.  In 1989 the move was made to the Pumphouse site which became the depot and demolition yard - named of course The Pumphouse.


For the next 20 years or so we were involved in numerous commercial and residential demolition projects around Christchurch, including clearing buildings for the Tower Junction Centre and the South City Mall.  Post earthquakes we  scaled up with extra staff and equipment and worked on the clearance of residential and commercial buildings. This included asbestos removal both on our own demolitions and for other companies.


Now that Christchurch is moving in to the rebuild stage we have added site work equipment to our fleet and can do excavation and site work for new builds.


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